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Pirate ship swing set

At Glick’s we build superior wooden swing sets because we believe in play, we believe in kids and we believe in what play does for kids.

The purpose behind our company and the quality of our wooden swing sets is based on a deep seeded belief in the benefit of easy access to stimulating play in a child’s life.

There are a large number of studies that have been done on the benefits of play time in a kid’s life.  Everything from helping to combat modern vision issues due to tons of time spent in front of electronics to helping them master social skills, dexterity skills and stimulating their imagination and problem-solving skills.

The importance of play is important to all stages of development and Wikipedia actually gives a good general overview of its importance in skill and social development as well as learning and cognitive skills.  You can read it by clicking Here

There is an article that once again declares the importance of activity, especially in younger children.  

It states:

“There are a vast number of benefits for children who experience increased movement and physical activity in early childhood. In addition to creating healthy habits and fostering a lifelong commitment to physical activity, children whose early childhood education is based in movement enjoy the following benefits in both early childhood and for the rest of their lives:

•Better social and motor skill development

•Increased school readiness skills

•Building developing muscles, bones, and joints faster

•Reducing fat and lowering blood pressure

•Reducing depression and anxiety

•Increased learning capacity

•Developing healthier social, cognitive, and emotional skills

•Building strength, self-confidence, concentration, and coordination from an early age”

– See more by clicking Here

If you have ever had doubts or curiosities as to the importance of giving your children direct access to adequate play time and activities, the above articles will help you to better understand and support your decision to have one of our amazing wooden swing sets or play systems installed.

We also know that you want your kids safe, to give them the best opportunities available, and to help them develop their strengths and capabilities to their fullest extent.  We completely understand how wonderful it is to have kids so worn out that they are a breeze to put to bed at night.

Our handmade wooden swing sets are designed with all of those things in mind and not only are they super safe with an unprecedented warranty, they are designed with the ultimate in physical and mental stimulation and activity in mind.

Every one of our systems incorporates some form of swing, climb and slide.  This is to give your children a full range of mental and physical activity and stimulation. All of our systems have customizations available so you can make they system of your choice perfect for you and your situation.

So check out our catalog for all the specs on our wooden swing sets, then call us or put in a request for quote and find out how to get one of our systems in your yard.

At Glick’s, we know that it can be an impact on the budget to purchase one of our systems.  In an effort to make it simpler to manage, we also have wonderful rent-to-own options that will open the doors of opportunity for you.

We also have commercial versions of our swing sets for churches, schools, daycares and parks. So let us know how we can help you fill your needs!